Office Chairs – Types of Chairs to Go For

Office chairs are not only needed in office spaces. These days, they are also in demand among people who spend a large part of their day working before a computer for their occupational or recreational purposes. These are ergonomic chairs that are designed to assist in work, as well as take care of health – ensuring no back pain, spasms or lumbar issues for users. If you have opened up an online or offline furniture store, office chair is a must-have in your stock. Following are some of the main types of chairs for offices that you should buy.

Executive Chairs ►
These are meant to be used by senior managers, company owners and other executive members. These are large in size, elegant in design and constructed of pure leather. They come with padded head rests, padded arm rests and large back rests.

Ergonomic Office Chair
Executive chair

Conference Chairs ►
These types of office chairs are generally placed in conference rooms. These come with enough padding in the armrests and backrests and are designed to be comfortable. The chairs should be light in weight to be moved around easily, given that people continuously move in and out of halls designated for conferences.

Ultra Soft Armless Office Chairs
Conference chair

Waiting Chairs ►
These come with a basic design and are supposed to provide guests to offices with comfort and invite them with hospitality. They do not come with padding and offer basic comfort, although they should be in impeccable condition to make guests feel comfortable enough and not have a negative impression about the financial situation of the company.

Cushioned Office Reception Chairs
Waiting Chairs

Task Chairs ►
These are meant for office staffs or employees. These come with basic armrests, without padding, so that employees do not doze off. There are no head rests either. They only come with basic back rests and arm rests to make working comfortable for long hours. They come in various sizes and shapes, and are ideal for offices where many employees have to share a single desk.

Magenta Office Computer Chair
Task Chair