Interior Decoration Trends with Designer Furniture: 2016

Our immediate living ambience has a lot to do with what we feel every moment of the day. Then why stick to the untrendy ways of decorating your home interior?

It is important to catch the wave of trends and go for the most exquisite home decor to completely refurbish your home and make it a better and blissful place to live in! Whether you are incorporating modern vibes or sticking to old vintage ideas, you need to have an idea of the scoop of the key design elements which are creating a stir today and seamlessly utilize them to be a part of your idea or theme of decorating your dream house.  With the newfangled range of wholesale designer furniture products crafted by the top-notch manufacturers and wholesale hubs, complementing your central decoration theme with the right furnishing pieces got easier and effortless!

Wholesale Designer Furniture
Wholesale Designer Furniture

      We have brought to you the most trending interior decoration ideas to make your house look lavishing

  • Sleek Metallic
    If you are looking for a sophisticated and elegant touch to be rendered to your home, then instead of the typical wooden furniture, try out the metallic ones in colors of black, gold, silver or bronze. Cooler silver or warm gold, or amorous copper, there should be enough mix and match in metallic accents. For instance, if you are thinking of keeping a loveseat at the longue area, instead of wood or leather, go for metallic finishes, be it matte or glossy.
  • Reflects Eco-Friendly Flavour
    With a big push on eco-friendly and go green living, you can create a difference in your home interior theme with sustainable designing nuances.  The furniture’s you would be using must not just enhance your living in form and functions, but should also be made of materials which do not degrade the ecosystem.  Instead ofwooden pieces, hunt for iron, stone and metallic ones be it the for the bedroom furniture in terms of beds or living room sofa sets.
  • Groovy Prints
    You can keep a lot of prints and patterns for few rooms to break the monotony of color blocking! May be for the sunroom or the kitchen or even the kid’s room, the fabrics that you are using for the furniture pieces should have a lot of ritzy zesty prints in geometric patterns or floral accents or funny motifs to woo the kids.
wholesale designer furnitur
  • Blue is The Color this Year
    If you are wondering on what should be the color of your living room, go for bold blue which is the most trending color of this year. Be it the sofa set ensembles or the wardrobes or the arm chair, insert color blocking in shades of blue to be in tune with the contemporary trends!
  • Mix and Match
    Just because we are living in a modern era that doesn’t mean we have to only go for voguish furniture sets which symbolizes modern designs! What about some mix and match offered to your bedroom? If you are banking on a wooden bed, then to complement it uniquely, ensure keeping a rounded colorful side table. This will definitely be very visually appealing!
  • Spacious and Comfortable
    Make your rooms look bigger with an illusion of spaciousness with furniture items like sectional sofas and sofa cum beds!

5 Low Priced Furniture Items to Decor Your Home

The trend has shifted; people today are buying furniture largely for the decoring purpose and not for its primary utility. If you are one of these people, looking to buy furniture items to add class and style to your room, good news is that you don’t have to spend extravagantly to buy these beautiful items. There are many top manufacturers today who are offering selected types and varieties of high quality cheap wholesale furniture items.

So here are five furniture items that you can buy to décor your home today without spending much-

1. Coffee tables– Although small in size that people often believe are lost amid the big sofa sets, coffee tables are very important for living rooms. Aside from their handy use, these tablesdetail-up the room and in a way give a sense of completeness. Unlike years back, these coffee tables comes in many stylish varieties today. They are made using various materials and comes indifferent finishing.

2. Loveseats Loveseatsare beautiful, but are often overlooked thanks to large sofas. Portable and compact, these 2-seaters comes in a range of varieties with both classic and modern flavours that make them perfect for every kind of living room and even bedroom.

3. Shelving units– There was a time when shelving units would come in limited and boring varieties, not anymore. Cheap wholesale furniture manufacturer are offering many designer and unique wall-mounted or standingvarieties with multiple shelves (boxes). They vary in colours, shapes and size that helps them blend inany kind of room.

4. Wardrobes– Yes, with the varieties available in the market, wardrobes can be used as decoring piece today. Wooden ones with unique doors,  multipleshelve/ compartments have become very popular. They come in ample of colour and size variations with different patterns and designs on them.

5. Study tables– Study tables have multiple purpose which makes them the must-haves for every home. These tables,made with the fine blend of classic and modern flavour, comes in many different size and dimension. They add a feel of high class and elegance to the rooms.

These are five of the furniture items that you can purchase at low price range. They are beautiful, come in ample of varieties and can decor your home with grandness.

Different Types of Contemporary Dining Room Furniture to Spruce up Your Retail Store

It is only the dinner time when all family members sit together to have their last meal of the day. This is when they share each other’s joys and sorrows over their dinner plate. Hence, everyone wants their dinning space to be a little warmer and beautifully decorated. People choose nice and innovative dining furniture to deck up their dining room and make it more cosy and comfortable for everyone.

Cheap designer furniture

If you are in furniture retailing, then it is high time you update your assortment with the latest design dining furniture which can heighten the standard of your store. Are you aware of the latest designs that the manufacturers have brought into the market? Well, here are some of the best you might know! Just check these out and make sure you have these items in your stock.

Stylish Dining Tables:

The contemporary designs of the dining tables are way more attractive than those of the previous eras. Space-saving and elegant, these dining tables are perfect for the narrowing rooms of today’s apartments. Here are some ideal designs that you must include in your stock.

Round Wooden Table:

Wholesale Furniture SupplierCheck out the round wooden tables which can really bring that cosy feeling along with its attractive appearance. It is ideal for a relaxed conversation and at the same time can fit into a small dining space. The measurement of the diameter ranges between 36 to 44 inches.

Glass Dining Tables:

Crystal Glass Dining Room SetsGlass is transparent and hence can make a space look bigger by being almost invisible. This is why, for smaller apartments, glass dining tables are the ideal option. You can bring them to your retail store and see how customers flock to grab this new design.

Dining Table With Storage Unit:

This is anotherwholesale furniture el paso txer exclusive addition to the latest collection of the top furniture manufacturing companies. It gives a two-in-one effect of a dining table as well as a storage unit. The state-of-the-art design of this dining table makes it a must-have in your retail store.

Contemporary Chairs:

After dining comLounge designer furniturees the chair which should match the height of the dining table and at the same time offer maximum comfort to the users. Present market has launched a variety of dining chairs which are not only aesthetically appealing but also supports the back. Check out what are the hottest dining chair designs.

Long Back Chairs:

The latest Modern designer furnituredesigns of dining chairs include those with a long back. It supports one’s entire back and gives an unmatched comfort.

Italian Design Velvet Chairs:

These Italian design velvet chairs have become the latest trend. The plush and tall appearance with a shorter back, this design can really add a classy touch to your retail store.

Traditional design in Modern Style:

Ex display designer furnitureThe modern designers have brought some changes in the traditional style of dinner chairs. These chairs come with complete upholstery and can really enhance the comfort of dining.

So, if you are ready to get hold of wholesale contemporary dining furniture for your retail store, then get in touch with one of the top-notch manufacturers in the online arena and place your order. Spruce up your retail shop with the modern touch and help your customers get the best designs.

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