Contemporary Furniture Trends to look for in 2016

Whatever might be the interior design, the golden rule is to express the unique personality of your home, and this expression comes with the balanced style quotients. Recently, the contemporary furniture accents are creating a stir in the market, and why not, after all they add the unexpected and magical element easily, with a fresh feeling. It is the brand new and unique pieces which tie the designing nuances together, and makes a house feel like ‘home’. Be it the upholstery materials or frames reflecting novelty , the theme must speak about authenticity and class, without being flamboyant or kitsch in any form, so that individual style can be kept intact. Every year we see the leading furniture manufacturing brands coming up with stylish array of wholesale contemporary furniture items, and it is not that they are completely mod, they also blend in vintage trends centering on the key features of simplicity and wildness.

The Latest Interior Design Trends

We will get you covered with the recent trends which can be adopted for a poised deigning of your sanctuary.

Let’s Go Green:
Due to the increasing concern over environmental degradation, green furniture has become a mainstream today. With the desire of green furniture the big brands too are opting for greener resources and ways or producing the items without any toxic finishing or adulteration’s. Be it simple sofa sets or exclusive beds, it is a big yes to environmentally safe fixtures, which is growing in trend when we talk about modern furniture.

Solid Colors:
Though leathers and woods are classic and are definitely irrevocable, but then everything needs a break. Today the contemporary trend talks about the use of other fabrics owing to their essence in delivering a notched up appeal to any interior. For ultra modern spaces, bold colored furniture pieces look jaw-dropping and hence, to add color popping to a simple interior, be it dining or drawing, colored fabrics can be used. For instance, if the total living room is designed with the color white as the background, then what about a cherry red loveseat for the much needed appeasing finishing?

Experiment with Shapes:
The classical furniture pieces lacked one thing- a wide array of shapes to experiment with. But thanks to the designers today for inventing with voguish shapes, so that normal themes can be offered a makeover easily, without much changes. Circular and geometrical designs are breaking the stereotypical rectangles and squares, and these architectural styles are growing in popularity. Be it a circular sofa set or a geometric patterned centre table, one furniture can bring a lot of change.

Smaller Pieces to Save Space:
With living spaces getting smaller, the manufacturers are getting inclined towards crafting sleek pieces which are small but highly functional. Also they are not loud and ornate, rather subdued and subtle, like reclining chairs and sofa cum beds and study tables attached with racks can be opted.

Go Customized:
The manufacturers and designers are offering a huge range of personalization and custom designs options , so that people can match their home decor style with the furnishing items. From fabric colors, to patterns, or style of the items, customers are given the facility to choose, so that they can mix and match. For example, if you are getting a coffee table with a sofa set, you change the table’s fabric for a fresh appeal.

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Seating Furniture and Benches That Can Make Your Office A Better Place

From IT sectors to petrochemical industry, every office has its own interior set up that includes few furniture and decorative accessories. Office equipment’s have some basic differences with the home furnishings. The fixtures that you use at your home usually focus on enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the interior. Some people also go for heavy antique heirloom furniture that are not really suitable for office uses due to their gigantic sizes and massive weight. Office furniture are easy to use as well as stylish in appearance which together makes the work environment more friendly to the employees.

Benched Office Reception Chairs

However, when it comes to seating furniture, you must be very choosy and wise. There are different furnishing needs for each department of your workplace and if you follow the rule book, then your office will gain an amazing ambiance that your employees will find enjoyable. So, do you want to know how to organize your seating furniture in different departments? Roll down your eyes!

Advanced Ergonomic Chairs For Your Workers ►
Nowadays, the office furniture manufacturers are applying the ergonomics that makes the furniture more user-friendly. The ergonomic chairs prevent back pains and other muscle disorders which have plagued the sedentary workers. Desk-jobs are no longer back-aching with this ergonomic seat which provides full support to the back of the employees making it easy for them to sit for longer period. If you are planning to decorate your office interiors, then make it a point to install ergonomic chairs in every cubicle. If you want, you can also go for customization services to execute your own design plans.

Sofa and Sectionals for the Reception ►
The decoration of the reception of your office must be pleasing to the eyes. It will not only attract your potential clients but employees too. The desk and seating arrangements of the reception will create a strong first impression on those who will visit your business organization. You can rev it up with the latest sofa and sectionals that will bring a modern edge to it.

Office Benches for The Waiting Room ►
Whether it is a separate place or just inside the reception area, there definitely is a space for waiting in your office, right? When it is about few people sitting in a row, office benches can be the best option. The top-notch furniture makers are bringing a variety of new designs of office benches that will add to the beauty of your office interior. Not only for the reception, you can use office benches for others areas too. High-end benches are available to suit the conference room as well. You can find a variety of office benches starting from the modern iron ones to the wooden cushion fixed ones. Pick any style and jazz up your office with exclusive benches.

Stylish Bean Bags for a Leisured “Coffee Break”
Your employees certainly take small coffee or tea breaks for relaxation, don’t they? Then why not make their break time special with cool and relaxing bean bags? Yes, bean bags can really provide a soft support to one’s back that they will relish with their cup of hot coffee.

Make your office the favorite place for your employees with the latest furniture and help them give their best.

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