The Ultimate Guide for Dummies in Furniture Retailing Business

One data showed that the global trade for furniture rose to US $128 Billions in 2013; while another suggests that market value of luxury furniture market will hit the mark of US $27.01 Billion by 2020. No wonder thousands of entrepreneurs are flocking towards this industry, and no wonder you want to start your own furniture retailing business.

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So, to get you best prepared for this venture, here are some of the current as well as anticipated trends of this industry that you must be perceptive of when adding your collections of designer wholesale furniture for retailers from any top manufacturer or supplier.

The ‘in thing’ today
o Contemporary furniture items are all over the world, be it for home or office.
o People around the world are preferring colorful and fancy varieties;
o Varieties that are designed for multi-purpose or functions; like those beds for with large under-drawers, or coffee tables with storages.
o The demands for large beds, sofas and other items have slowed down.
o People are looking for compact and small pieces that are space savers.
o Leather furniture items, particularly those sofas and armchairs, even after years, are going very strong. Only now, people are more open to different colored leathers like red, orange, beige, and chocolate.

What holds for the future?
o The demand for custom made furniture will peak like never before.
o The Green revolution will take over this industry, where manufacturers will use greener resources and methods to make environmental friendly designer wholesale furniture for retailers. The demand of the same in the consumer market will grow by passing years.
o Hardwood vintage furniture items will make its comeback, which, at the moment, has seemed to be lost in the crowd of contemporary pieces.
o The demands for compact, multi-purpose furniture persist.
o The demand of outdoor furniture will outgrow the other sub-niches.

Keep all the above mentioned pointers in mind and buy the best trend suited designer wholesale furniture for retailers from any top and well known manufacturing company.

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