Interior Decoration Trends with Designer Furniture: 2016

Our immediate living ambience has a lot to do with what we feel every moment of the day. Then why stick to the untrendy ways of decorating your home interior?

It is important to catch the wave of trends and go for the most exquisite home decor to completely refurbish your home and make it a better and blissful place to live in! Whether you are incorporating modern vibes or sticking to old vintage ideas, you need to have an idea of the scoop of the key design elements which are creating a stir today and seamlessly utilize them to be a part of your idea or theme of decorating your dream house.  With the newfangled range of wholesale designer furniture products crafted by the top-notch manufacturers and wholesale hubs, complementing your central decoration theme with the right furnishing pieces got easier and effortless!

Wholesale Designer Furniture
Wholesale Designer Furniture

      We have brought to you the most trending interior decoration ideas to make your house look lavishing

  • Sleek Metallic
    If you are looking for a sophisticated and elegant touch to be rendered to your home, then instead of the typical wooden furniture, try out the metallic ones in colors of black, gold, silver or bronze. Cooler silver or warm gold, or amorous copper, there should be enough mix and match in metallic accents. For instance, if you are thinking of keeping a loveseat at the longue area, instead of wood or leather, go for metallic finishes, be it matte or glossy.
  • Reflects Eco-Friendly Flavour
    With a big push on eco-friendly and go green living, you can create a difference in your home interior theme with sustainable designing nuances.  The furniture’s you would be using must not just enhance your living in form and functions, but should also be made of materials which do not degrade the ecosystem.  Instead ofwooden pieces, hunt for iron, stone and metallic ones be it the for the bedroom furniture in terms of beds or living room sofa sets.
  • Groovy Prints
    You can keep a lot of prints and patterns for few rooms to break the monotony of color blocking! May be for the sunroom or the kitchen or even the kid’s room, the fabrics that you are using for the furniture pieces should have a lot of ritzy zesty prints in geometric patterns or floral accents or funny motifs to woo the kids.
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  • Blue is The Color this Year
    If you are wondering on what should be the color of your living room, go for bold blue which is the most trending color of this year. Be it the sofa set ensembles or the wardrobes or the arm chair, insert color blocking in shades of blue to be in tune with the contemporary trends!
  • Mix and Match
    Just because we are living in a modern era that doesn’t mean we have to only go for voguish furniture sets which symbolizes modern designs! What about some mix and match offered to your bedroom? If you are banking on a wooden bed, then to complement it uniquely, ensure keeping a rounded colorful side table. This will definitely be very visually appealing!
  • Spacious and Comfortable
    Make your rooms look bigger with an illusion of spaciousness with furniture items like sectional sofas and sofa cum beds!

Make an Artistic Statement with Different Styles of Modern Dining Room Furniture

Finding the right kind of dining room furniture can appear to be an overwhelming thing, particularly if you have little idea about what you are actually looking for. And gone are those days when you could simply purchase some chairs and a table for the room based on the size of the latter. An urban home is all about amalgamating different styles, textures, shapes and not to forget trends of modern era. But fret not as here are some guidelines laid down for you to help you make the right choice.

Ex display designer furniture

Rectangular tables for classic appearance

While choosing furniture, deciding the shape is a must as this will narrow down your options to a few while making you take decision quite easily as opposed to selecting the styles first? Widely preferred, a rectangular shaped dining table makes for a perfect pick for its form, finish and functionality. So be it a lovely celebration or every day dinner with family, this table definitely optimizes the experience of savoring.

Round tables for saving more space

Round and oval tables are best options for people who have small dining rooms. You can opt for the genuine wooden ones that come with pedestal legs to offer better functionality. However, these tables are perfect even when you are looking towards bringing a change from the straight rectangular shapes. Though these save a lot of space, accommodating only four to six people at large, they are quite inappropriate and inconvenient for a grand celebration at home.

Every small and big business owners can lay their eyes on this particular round shaped tables in different materials such as wood, metal and marble and place their orders for the ones that suit their requirements by going to their Wholesale Furniture Company online.

Perfect square

Have a large but narrow dining room? Then a big square table can be your perfect pick as it will allow ten to twelve people to seat while adding to the proper proportion of the interior. You may also lay a rug on the floor to make a space that looks like another “room within a room”. However, though these tables work pretty well for small rooms, these are generally avoided by interior designers as they often end up creating a messy look while making serving a big hassle for the host.

What’s your own style?

At last crafting an excellent dining room depends upon having the style and theme right. If you are planning for an open floor idea, it is most important to select the ones which appear like a natural extension of the rest of the living space. While some may wish to make a striking contrast with a rustic table placed inside a chic decor of the room, others would love to give an artistic touch by bringing home an acrylic and glass table.

With countless choices available at the online hub of a Wholesale Furniture Company, it has become quite easier for retailers to stock up on them in order to woo their customers.

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How Not to Choose the Most Perfect Furniture Piece?

A lot has been said and written as to how you should choose and buy the most perfect furniture piece for your home and office, but few on how you shouldn’t. So we thought why not head to that direction and put up some ground rules on how you should never- ever- select your furniture. So here are three of the pointers, which also applies to the small businesses who buy bulk from wholesale furniture company-

Wholesale Furniture Supplier Meublesbh

o Being very considerate of the persisting trend- Just like fashion industry, people, today, are going for furniture that are ‘in’- trending in the market. At large this may seem like a nice idea, but it really isn’t. Many a times the trending types and varieties of furniture might not complement your home or office. It might not get along with the interior of the room. The type of wall paints, flooring, ceiling, as well as the size and shape of the room might make that furniture look ‘out of the feels’.

o Not knowing what is it that you want- You must have a light but clear idea as to what kind of furniture you want- the size, shape, design, style and the materials they are made of. Some people don’t even know what exactly do they require and are potential to the ‘compulsive buying’. While buying compulsively might work amazing with clothes, it is a big frown upon act in the furniture industry, considering it is a big and long term investment.

o Looking for the cheapest pieces- It’s an old saga- people want to buy something of high quality but at low price range. This may be possible in other niche, but it doesn’t apply to the furniture items. But the problem here is you might come across many wholesale furniture company and retailers who guarantees high quality products at the cheapest of price. This is, on many levels, not possible. If you want well, you must spend well. And if you’re spending cheap, you’re going to get low quality of furniture.

With these three ‘not-to-do’ pointers in mind, you are sure to get the perfect furniture piece- whether you’re buying single piece from a retailer of bulk from any top wholesale furniture company.